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The COVID-19 pandemic crushed the global economy in 2020 to its lowest level in 74 years. The recession was unprecedented in terms of geographic variability, the central role of services, and strategic responses. Although COVID will not go away in 2021, given the pace of improvements and measures in the field of COVID vaccination, you can see a new viable form of economy after the pandemic. Even though we are all entering 2021 with caution and hope, we can make this new year of our organization important according to the following instructions of IHS Markit. COVID vaccination will reach majority of the population in 2021. Its sure to accelerate post-pandemic economic growth.

The economy which has been in turmoil since 2021, will reach new heights by the end of 2021.The Indian economy is projected to grow at 7.3 per cent as the largest economy, followed by China at 7.2 per cent. According to the Banking Regulation Act, the RBI should also take positive steps in this regard. For the last several years, new rules for banks in the UCB sector have been coming from the Reserve Bank. But keep in mind that the UCB sector is strong and will remain strong with the help of the people. Lending to the right person / institution and 0% NPA is the mantra of growth.

The co-operative and banking sector is expected to grow in size across the country, and we will soon see the co-operative banks move up this progress graph. The bank has started giving loans to women who are in business through women's self-help groups and especially during the lockdown, these women have got a lot of support.

We provide loans for business, auto loans, loans for education, mortgage loans, home purchase / construction and loans up to exposure limit. We have reduced the interest rates and while doing all this, I appeal to all your members that if you give good creditors and also help recovery the loan account does not go to NPA, then of course we will all take Godavari Bank to the pinnacle of further progress. It has been decided that "Prosperity through Cooperation" as well as One Bank-One Kutunj-Godavari Bank, which we will decide this year, so I would like to appeal to all of you to support us in this. Also the bank has completed 25 years and during this time I thank you for your cooperation.