Savings Account

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Saving Account with Chequebook Rs. 500 /-  required.

Without Chequebook Rs. 250 /-  required.


Savings Account at The Godavari urban co-op. Bank having following type of facilities & services at no extra charge to the Customers. Eligible person/s and eligible organizations or agencies as approved can open Savings Account with the Bank.

Savings Account can be opened without cheque book is require minimum balance Rs.250/-. and if Savings Account can be opened with cheque book is require minimum balance Rs.500/-

Amount can be withdrawn from Savings Account by way of cheques or withdrawal slips. Interest is paid half yearly on Savings Account at 4 % p.a. as per the directives fixed by Reserve Bank of India.



Savings Account can be opened in the name of Individuals person or Jointly or by minors of the age 10 years

Documents Required

  • Duly filled in Account Opening Form with valid
  • Residential proof
  • PAN Card
  • 3 latest photograph
  • Introduction by existing account holder of the Bank


Minimum balance

Account holder is required to maintain minimum balance of Rs.500/ in the account.

Facilities Offered

  • A/c statement for each month will get free.
  • Cheque book facility available.